• Choice of your Strategy in
    Project Management
  • Program Management is a 
    Partnership with Our Clients
  • Our Purpose is to

    Inspire and Empower Organizations

  • We Believe in
    Finding Better Way
  • Core Competencies are 
    Our asset That Serve Customers
  • One of our Core Value
  • Delivering
    Complex Construction Projects
  • Together,
    Building Value Every Day
  • Company of International
    Reach with Local Perspective
  • Our Services in Program Management Fosters 
    Effective, Efficient and Innovative Project Delivery
  • Our Purpose is fulfilled when
    a Completed Project Advances a Community
  • Together,
    Building Value Every Day
  • We Believe in
    Science of Building and the Art of Leadership
  • The People
    Who get it Done
  • A reputation for
    Quality Services
  • Inspire
    Empower Advance
  • Our Services Succeed with
    Better Project Management
  • We Invest in your Future
    As much as you Invest in Ours
  • Ensuring a
    Reliable and Impeccable Service for our Clients
  • Bringing
    People and Processes Together
  • Planning for the Future
    Delivering Results Today
  • Consultancy is a People Business and
    We hires only the most Capable in the Industry

Company Overview and Service

About us

Our multidisciplinary staff enables Dynergic to assemble a project team to effectively and specifically meet the staffing and delivery needs of our clients every time.

Our experienced staff consists of individuals with expertise in Program & Project Management, Construction Consulting, Construction Claims, Forensic Planning ,Delay analysis, Quantification of disruption claims ,Dispute Resolution ,Project Controls and Project Risk Management From concept to completion, and from planning to delivery.

Dynergic International provides the right tailor-made team for any project. Our commitment to serve the needs of our clients while preserving the public’s trust is a core belief and practice of all our employees.

Throughout our organization, we’re dedicated to providing excellent service. Our Team includes some of the industry’s best-known names in Project Management, Construction Claims, Forensic Planning, Delay analysis and Our talented professionals strive to elate our clients in everything we do. We act as your single point of contact from start to finish, utilizing technology advancements and adapting teams, schedules, budgets and services to each unique challenge. Our client focus is driven by trust and collaboration. Together with you, we manage, control and support projects that enhance our world.


We promote positive partnerships by

  • Sharing your perspective and goals
  • Providing tailored, focused solutions that are appropriate and cost-effective
  • Innovating, but only when it brings you added value
  • Respecting time and budget objectives, and using technology to track and measure both
  • Being responsive through quick yet conscientious decision-making
  • Establishing a high level of trust


Overview of Services

Whether your project is large or small, Dynergic international seasoned professionals provide solutions to your tough challenges. We generate lasting value for our clients, creating unequaled confidence and certainty.

At Dynergic International we customize each project approach using our depth of expertise across a wide spectrum of knowledge. We have breadth of resources to service owners, contractors, government agencies, architects, engineers, companies in all Energy & Infrastructure from concept through project closeout regardless of size, scope, or complexity.

Construction is one of the world’s most difficult and challenging endeavors, and big projects carry big risks. Even one mistake in any of the thousands of different tasks on a project can mean big problems and result in delays and cost overruns. With the financial stakes so high, every step of the project must be managed carefully. Dynergic International’s sole focus is on project management, not design, so our clients can be confident our sole priority is delivering projects on-time and within budget. From concept to completion, Dynergic management services add value to your projects.