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Core Engineering Graduate Training

Majority of the project stakeholder companies fail to provide a structured and result-oriented training & development program to their young employees picked up from the campus as Graduate Engineer Trainees / Management Trainees despite their best intentions. This is primarily due to lack of time (hectic work schedules & deadlines) and/or lack of mentoring skills in seniors / experienced staff.

Another reason for the disinterest in the training is the present trend of job hopping by the young professionals, which make the companies reluctant to invest in training the workforce and upgrade the skill set. Instead, poaching on experienced and skilled personnel from their competitors becomes a preferred choice making the industry suffer in the process.

With an aim to fix the link and bridge this gap, Dynergic International has come up with Non Profit Initiative program for Graduate Engineer.

Transforming Core Engineering Graduate into Skilled & Employable Engineer

Transforming  Core Engineering Graduate into  Skilled & Employable Engineer

Introduction Existing Scenario of Engineering Education in India

Human resources, in terms of quality and quantity, are India’s biggest assets. A favorable demographic structure (with about 50 percent of the population below 25 years of age) adds to this advantage. However, to capitalize fully on this opportunity and not face the possibility of a skills-shortage, it is essential to gear up to Improve Employability

As mentioned above India possesses huge potential of the youth power which is now being engaged in higher education including engineering. However, the resulting quality of the engineering graduates does not fully satisfy the requirements of the global market. Self financing private engineering colleges are churning out about 87% of the engineering graduates in the country. The poor quality of the graduation is due to the following reasons:

  • Shortage of faculty.
  • Inadequate physical infrastructure.
  • Rigid and outdated curriculum.
  • Poor learner quality
  • Absence of R & D activities.
  • Poor quality of training
  • Ineffective linkage with industry.

There is a complete mismatch between the knowledge gained by the students in engineering colleges and current practice in the field. Industry often finds engineering graduate’s weak in professional practice thus necessitating long duration on the job training for making them professionally useful. Emphasis has shifted from learning and acquiring skills to passing the examination. This has resulted in an overemphasis on theory at the cost of practice. A study has revealed that 75% of the engineering graduates are unemployable. This is because of the poor performance of most of the self financed private engineering colleges.